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Walled City: Forum updates

Wow, the release just keep coming with Walled City's newest release.

  • Improved the edit post in place.
  • Fixed forum sage post feature.
  • Added iPhone/iTouch icon.
  • Miscellaneous file cleanup and bug fixes.
Hop on over to the Forum at Walled City to experience it for yourself.

[ed: This is grossly out of date.]

Walled City: Improved registration

Hot on the heals from the last release, the new version of Walled City.

We have improved the user registration process. First we have added some new field to the Legend name and password. Now when you register you can choose a security question which we will use to help you recover a lost password.

We have also added for validation to check the registration information before it's submitted. This will cut down on errors and the hassle of having to re-type information repeatedly.

Now go register for Walled City and play around.

[ed: This is grossly out of date.]